Have you noticed your organic ranking drop?

The search marketing rumour mill is rife with discussion around the apparent roll-out of mobile-first testing from Google. Ensuring your website is mobile responsive means focusing on the key concerns for mobile users – performance and usability. This means making...

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Latest Digital News – November

This month, we have seen a number of interesting little changes to Facebook, including some new features, metrics and plugins – alongside a couple of Google updates. Google will now feature icons for PDFs and PPTs in search results This is a subtle but useful change...

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Latest digital news – October

As ever, it’s been a busy month in the world of digital news! Today we talk about Facebook further reducing the number of people seeing your organic content, Twitter increasing the length of their tweets, Google shopping and Vimeo Live. Facebook introduce new ‘explore...

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7 things to know about the GDPR update

With just over half a year to go until the GDPR deadline (25 May 2018), you are bound to be asking questions about what the update includes and how your organisation can get ready for it. To help out, we have outlined 7 principles of GDPR – meet these and you are on...

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Latest digital news – September

Hello, I’m the Social Media and Digital Comms Manager at Wrapped, and each month I am going to be rounding up the latest news that our Digital Team have spotted around SEO, PPC, social media, websites and content marketing. In this month’s blog, Google have been busy...

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Digitally Full Circle

15 years of learning from working for an agency to training an agency. When I started out in web I did like every other developer back in the day with two words “Hello, World”. At that point something happened for me, It gave me a new way to be creative, a new...

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Does marketing jargon make you crazy?

The top 20 most hated marketing industry buzzwords There are so many acronyms in marketing: SEO, CTA, OMG. Only joking. In an industry where jargon can become your own worst enemy, isn’t it time we all start speaking plain English again? Mostly, as clients you...

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