Design Agency Leeds

A collection of creatives.

We have access to some of the most talented graphic designers working in the North of England and our creative team have experience in print graphics and logos for a diverse range of clients, products, events and services.

Our process.

At Wrapped design agency the design stage begins with big sheets of paper, which allows us to plan out the different parts of a creative project and how they relate to each other.

Good creative design work is only effective when it can be developed beyond the stage of a simple idea. For instance, you might have a great campaign slogan, but how does that translate to a website, press advert or full marketing campaign?

So, in short, good creative design ideas need to be test driven before we get the macs out to produce good creative design that will work for you!

Want to know more?

We love what we do. If you would like to talk to us about our design services, contact us at [email protected] to have a chat with our friendly team about your requirements.