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We are brand and digital educators, inspiring change. Everything we create is beautiful and everything we do is to get results.

We listen, understand and develop digital and brand strategies that bring change. Once you fully understand the difference you can bring to your customers, the delivery becomes easy. 

 Our creative team have years of experience challenging and creating engaging brand identities with consistent messages through design, content and photography/video. The digital team of SEO & PPC specialists, developers, programmers and social experts, ensures joined up thinking that brings measured results.

If you are open to change and want to see results, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Research &

Whatever the nature of your organisation, we listen to your goals and get to know you. In depth.

Harnessing all your experience and knowledge, we’ll also research your customers and competitors.

Crucially, we’ll define where you are now before we move forward so that we can create a clear vision and strategy in line with your business plans.

We’ll research online and offline channel user experiences and audit your digital world including SEO, PPC and social media activity.

We can then make measurable recommendations for giving you an effective, creative campaign that will deliver the beautiful results you deserve.

Kate Eady

Digital and Brand Workshops.

Get everyone involved.

We recommend involving about five key members of your team who, between them, represent all areas of the business.

We will facilitate a half a day workshop to learn as much as we can about all aspects of the business.

Sometimes people can feel intimidated by the idea of workshops, or working with a full service marketing agency for the first time, but we soon put everyone at ease. We usually find our client’s team has brilliant ideas and loves to feel involved and listened to, whilst learning from the marketing activity that hasn’t gone so well and figuring out why.

We discuss our findings, research the competition and explore possibilities and opportunities and we’ll talk you through the digital audit findings to determine the best online strategy to make the most of your budget.

Through these sessions, we aim to create excitement as well as to come away with the content needed to take us onto the next step.

Becky Matheson-Bruce

Brand Positioning
& Planning.

At this stage, we take all the facts, knowledge and competitor research to start to define your brand purpose and unique proposition. We connect your organisation’s values to your audience’s needs and establish what it is that you stand for.

Based on this, we’ll work closely with you to create consistent messages and a tailored, measurable marketing plan that’s adaptable for growth and changes in the marketplace.

These early stages are essential to making sure that every idea, every creative execution that follows, is designed with your marketing purpose in mind. To give you a return on investment, your campaigns have to be effective as well we creative.

Kate Eady

Concept Creation.

After understanding and developing the proposition, we start creating concepts that reflect the campaign strategy and ensure you stand out in your marketplace.

After years of over-complication, 2017 is seeing a big move towards brands simplifying things. They are creating easier online journeys and allowing their visuals to breathe.

We believe that simple branding will be key to achieving this. We work to remove all the unnecessary clutter and noise around the core message. This improves customer recognition and recall of your logo, which leads to better results through attention, interest, trust and conviction.

Ed Storey

Doing Digital

At Wrapped we approach all our client websites and campaigns differently.

We start with the end in mind – with the results and outcomes you need from this campaign to successfully reach your bigger organisational objectives.

We find out who your existing and potential customers are and where they spend their time – online and off.

We look at what platforms they use, what they read, who their influencers are and what content is helpful to them.

Once we know and understand your customers’ problems and motivations, we start to build the site or develop the campaign with the right SEO and keywords built in. From the beginning, landing pages are designed to give them the information and advice they need in the places they’ll see it, whether that’s the social platforms they hang out on or a digital OOH ad placement.

By knowing where they go and what they want, we can put your organisation’s message right in front of them, with effective content that makes it easy for them to understand what you offer and how it benefits them.

James Brunyard

& Social.

We’ll help you to create and curate high quality, effective content using blog posts, social graphics, videos and conversation topics to bring your business to life online and offline.

Helpful, educational content helps create value for your target audience, enforcing your brand’s credibility and keeping you front of mind. Done well, it feels interactive and conversational rather than a sales pitch. This also provides as many entry points to your website (and your organisation) as possible.


PR is all about building trust in your brand by encouraging and developing word of mouth referrals and third-party endorsements.

By understanding your target audience and what influences them, we know how to make sure your positive messages reach them. In understanding your goals, we create compelling communications that will engage with the right journalists and opinion formers to boost your profile.

Rachel Clark

SEO/PPC & ongoing campaigns.

When we say we do beautiful results, we mean it. To continue being effective in an ever-evolving digital age, measurement is built into every single thing we do.

This gives us the insights to tweak, enhance and develop the strategies and tactics we’re using for you to ensure you keep getting the outcomes you need.

We can plan, maintain and optimise your website, SEO and social media campaigns and collaborate to monitor your Google and social analytics and ensure you keep getting the best results for your organisation and budget.

Martin Jackson