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We will be closing for Christmas at 1pm on Friday 22 December. 

We will be returning to the office on Tuesday 2 January. 

Merry Christmas!


Busting some myths around GDPR

There is a lot of information buzzing around social media about the general data protection regulation update coming in May 2018. Unfortunately, there are some myths floating around too, so we thought we would bust some myths to help you get prepared for the...

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Have you noticed your organic ranking drop?

The search marketing rumour mill is rife with discussion around the apparent roll-out of mobile-first testing from Google. Ensuring your website is mobile responsive means focusing on the key concerns for mobile users – performance and usability. This means making...

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Latest Digital News – November

This month, we have seen a number of interesting little changes to Facebook, including some new features, metrics and plugins – alongside a couple of Google updates. Google will now feature icons for PDFs and PPTs in search results This is a subtle but useful change...

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