Digitally Full Circle

Digitally Full Circle

15 years of learning from working for an agency to training an agency.

When I started out in web I did like every other developer back in the day with two words “Hello, World”. At that point something happened for me, It gave me a new way to be creative, a new language to learn.

15 years later and i’m continuing to learn. In fact i’m still learning new things each and every day from my work with Google – which is why it feels like an unbelievable situation for me that now i’m the trainer teaching the others at Wrapped.

My initial aim was to work in an agency, creating beautiful digital websites. I started as a web designer and then soon transitioned into a front end developer. I loved how you could take a design and bring a new dimension to it once it was a website, it almost felt like it came alive.

Then, unfortunately, I fell out of love with my craft. As the beautiful sites that I had spent hours working on, and initially praised for the work, began to have a negative connection as people were just not visiting them. This didn’t seem to both others but for me I couldn’t see the point. Why have we spent so much time creating this website if it isn’t being seen?

I discovered some abbreviations that 10 years ago meant little to me such as SEO, PPC, SEM, and SERP’s. A new obsession into these acronyms began and a few years later I evolved into a digital marketing expert.

At this point I started viewing websites in a whole different way than when I started – every single thing you do online should have a purpose. Why would you design and build a page that you didn’t actually have a use for? It was like a eureka moment for me – so much so that I left the employed world and founded my own agency. A digital agency that would do things differently.

Soon my agency became my new obsession and as with any new business, it consumed all of my time but in a relatively short period we managed to built it up into something I was proud of.

Then opportunity came knocking. I had been involved with Google for some time as a trainer and mentor as part of their Digital Garage Program but now I had the chance to become a Masterclass Trainer for the Google Digital Academy across Europe, a once in a lifetime chance that I couldn’t miss. So I needed to pass my baby onto someone else, someone who would treat it the way I had. And that’s where Wrapped came in. They agreed to take it on and approach digital in the same way focusing on purpose and results, which they called ‘Wrapped round’ and continues to go from strength to strength.

My work with Google’s Digital Academy now means that I have intensive training on the latest developments in the world of Google and the web, and I can then share that knowledge as I help train the team at Wrapped to ensure they can in turn get the best results for their clients.

15 years on and I think you can say that a desire to learn has taken me digitally full circle.



Wrapped acquires Space Creative – 15 strong brand and digital consultancy announced

Wrapped acquires Space Creative – 15 strong brand and digital consultancy announced

Brand and digital specialist The Wrapped Agency has acquired design company, Space Creative for an undisclosed sum.

Wrapped also announces a formal partnership with digital expert and Google trainer Simon McCaskill.

Wrapped is led by Managing Director and co-founder Kate Eady who has over 25 years of industry experience. “We are delighted to announce the acquisition of Space Creative and our partnership with Simon.

“With the Space team and Simon on-board, we now provide a full suite of branding, digital and PR services to our clients and we are focused on continuing to grow our team and enhance our offering.”

Ed Storey, formerly of Space Creative, will lead the Creative division at Wrapped, providing creative, design and print services whilst Martin Holmes leads the Digital division providing websites, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click and social media management. Rachel Clark, previously of Savills and Red Bull, will continue to lead the PR division.

Wrapped’s Chairman Nick Ivel, formerly Chief Executive of Costcutter says, “We are pleased to announce our first acquisition at Wrapped and see this as a strategic move in our growth plans. Our focus is on driving the business forward by strengthening our offering and expanding the team further. The new digital partnership brings valuable expert knowledge and we are thrilled to welcome Simon into the team.”

Wrapped’s 15 strong team is based in York, with an office in London’s Southbank and a planned office in Leeds.


5 reasons why video should be part of your marketing strategy

5 reasons why video should be part of your marketing strategy

Many organisations already make great use of video in their marketing campaigns. From John Lewis’ man on the moon to ASDA’s giant hen (if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look), using video and film as a way to engage audiences online is here to stay.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to multi millions but you’d still like to explore the opportunities that video content can give you, here are five top reasons why using video will help you market your organisation more effectively:

  1. Ninety per cent of information understood by the brain is visual.
    This implies that rather than drowning your viewers with text heavy articles (as much as we love great copy), a simple two-minute video is more effective at passing the same information across and boosting memory recall.
  2. Seven out of 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them.*
    It’s all about recognition and relevance for your target customers. If you focus on content that is educational, entertaining, inspiring and informative, your potential customers will trust you more, recognise your brand and even spread the word (by liking, sharing and retweeting your content to their peer groups).
  3. Video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.
    There’s no doubt that video is on the way up and that brands will have to start creating content in order to reach their target audiences.
  4. One in three Britons watch a YouTube video at least once a week.
    That’s a weekly audience of 20 million in the UK alone. YouTube is now owned by Google and is the UK’s second biggest search engine, so having video content that’s relevant to your customers helps you with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
  5. The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster and more effectively than text.
    People spend on average 28% of their online time on social networks. Brands that engage readers with quality visual and video content have the benefit of standing out in what is an increasingly crowded space.

    Video content is here to stay. Brands that want to appeal to their customers should adopt a content centred marketing approach if they want to continue to grow their online presence.


Does marketing jargon make you crazy?

Does marketing jargon make you crazy?

The top 20 most hated marketing industry buzzwords

There are so many acronyms in marketing: SEO, CTA, OMG. Only joking. In an industry where jargon can become your own worst enemy, isn’t it time we all start speaking plain English again?

Mostly, as clients you don’t want to know how our marketing agency can ‘optimise your above the fold page with a compelling CTA and SEO’; how we can ‘use PPC and PR to drive customers’. Well, you do, but not in such acronym-heavy, sigh inducing lingo.

As marketing agency professionals, we all get bogged down in jargon and it prevents us from achieving both buy in and budget.

What’s wrong with advising clients that yes, we know our jargon, but no, we’re not going to

Wrapped wins major visitor attraction brief

Wrapped wins major visitor attraction brief

The Wrapped Agency has been chosen as marketing partner for William’s Den, a major visitor attraction aimed at families which is scheduled to open in Spring 2017.

The agency is advising on digital, design, social media and PR to build anticipation in the run up to the launch of William’s Den.

Scheduled to open in Spring 2017, William’s Den will be aimed at the family market and includes a unique timber crafted adventure and indoor play barn.

Tor Carver, co-founder at William’s Den, says: “William’s Den is all about play. We’re creating wonderful opportunities for children of all ages to have fun outside and in, whatever the weather. It’s the stuff our childhood memories are made of.”

She adds: “It is going to be a unique experience, bringing kids closer to nature and allowing them space to run free, burn up lots of energy and learn through active play. We’re also looking after the grown-ups with a quality food and drink offer.”

You can follow their journey on Instagram, twitter and facebook @williamsdenplay or sign up to receive updates

For more information please contact [email protected] / 07557 400973