Is your website mobile responsive? Now it needs to be for Google Rankings.

Is your website mobile responsive? Now it needs to be for Google Rankings.

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We all know that Google is one of the (if not THE) biggest considerations for directing traffic to your website. We all need to keep up to date with how Google is updating its algorithms, making sure to keep our website in line with the changes to maintain those all-important search rankings – and there is one big change coming next year. The Mobile-First Index.

A study from earlier this year found that 55% of all web traffic comes from mobile and is continuing to rise.

What this means is that Google will begin to ONLY index your mobile site. In plain English, Google will now only look at your website’s mobile performance when ranking it for search results. Google already put a lot of weight behind mobile, but soon it will not take desktop performance into consideration at all.

So, the question that should be on everyone’s mind right now – is my website mobile friendly? If not, what do I need to do?

To be seen as responsive, your page needs to have the same content on mobile as it does on desktop. If you are removing content on mobile to streamline readers experience this will score negatively as Google doesn’t want to see your users not getting the full package on your website.

So – key points to look out for on your site:

  1. Make sure all content is the same on both desktop and mobile – if they aren’t equivalent then it’s not responsive
  2. Have one URL that is responsive across both desktop and mobile, don’t use 2 different sites as even when the mobile version does come into the ranking considerations if there are any differences between the two then tip number 1 comes into effect.
  3. If you do have a mobile site, make sure you have all of your desktop content on there!
  4. Pop ups – most people find them annoying anyway, and turns out so do Google! They see them as a negative user experience and will now be penalising them.

Some good news though – if you have content hidden behind drop-down boxes (accordions) or separate tabs in the hope that it makes the user journey easier on mobile, now this content is being taken into consideration by Google – so you can chunk up the content to help with readability.

Wrapped website on laptop Wrapped website on phone

So, when will this change come into effect?

Right now, it’s really important for you to have a  responsive website, optimised for mobile. It is already taken into consideration by Google, and let’s face it – if 55% of your customers are viewing your site like that, then you should be wanting to help them out anyway. However, we don’t have a confirmed date yet for when the mobile-first index will come into play. It’s said to be early 2018, but we don’t have a definite deadline.

But, early 2018 will be with us soon, so if you want to talk to someone to check whether your site is responsive, or ask about how to make your website responsive – drop us a line either using our live chat or email and our digital team can help.

7 things to know about the GDPR update

7 things to know about the GDPR update

With just over half a year to go until the GDPR deadline (25 May 2018), you are bound to be asking questions about what the update includes and how your organisation can get ready for it. To help out, we have outlined 7 principles of GDPR – meet these and you are on your way to being compliant.

The GDPR update is for personal data, so this doesn’t include organisational data or data that has been put out into the public domain.

The 7 principles of GDPR

Know what you need and why

The main thing I am picking up about GDPR is the ability to justify every field of data that you are collecting. Why do you need to know ethnicity, is it relevant for the function of your organisation, or is it analysis? I’m afraid analysis or ‘just in case’ is no longer good enough. Know exactly what information you need to collect and document why you need it.

Be transparent

Gone are the days that privacy notes are small print buried in a sea of terms and conditions. Now you need to be clear about what data you are collecting, why you need it and what you will do with it. This has to be prominent on the page that you are collecting the data on – not buried in footnotes.

Keep the data secure

It sounds obvious but you would be surprised! Make sure all personal data is encrypted and kept on a secure server. The system needs to be trusted and compliant with DPA. It’s your responsibility to thoroughly check where your data is stored, so complete an audit before the 25 May 2018 to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Don’t keep data longer than you need to

As part of the privacy notice you need to let people know how long you will keep their data for, and stick to that. Make sure you cleanse your data regularly and get rid of old information – or get consent and update it.

Dispose of data securely

When you are archiving old data, know that you are deleting it securely.

Don’t send data internationally

All of Europe needs to conform to the new GDPR update, but other countries may not match up to the standards and requirements of the law – so you need to ensure that if you are sending your data to any third parties, that they are also compliant to the regulations.

Ensure data you have is kept up to date

Another principle showing how important data cleansing is. You are responsible for making sure your data is up to date and correct – so book in time regularly to do a data check, if emails bounce then delete them. If you send data to third parties you are also responsible for sending them updated data, making sure they are up to date too.

SO basically, make sure you document:

  • What we have
  • Why we have it
  • Where did it come from?
  • Who are we sharing it with?

The main message from me is – don’t panic. There is lots of noise out there at the moment, but for more information about GDPR visit the ICO website for guidance and advice.

Latest digital news – September

Latest digital news – September

Emily's digital news banner

Hello, I’m the Social Media and Digital Comms Manager at Wrapped, and each month I am going to be rounding up the latest news that our Digital Team have spotted around SEO, PPC, social media, websites and content marketing.

In this month’s blog, Google have been busy preparing for a switch to mobile-first indexing and launching a book now button in the local knowledge panel. Whilst Facebook work on cover videos, integrating with Instagram stories and 360-degree adverts.

Is your website ready for Google’s switch to a mobile-first index?

Mobile search

After previous tweaks to Google’s algorithm in the last couple of years to favour sites that are mobile responsive, they have now announced that in early-to-mid 2018 they will be switching to a mobile-first index.

It means that it is now crucial for your websites to be updated and checked to confirm that it is mobile responsive, ensuring you don’t lose your place in search results once the switch takes place. There are no confirmed timelines as yet for the switch, and websites that are already responsive shouldn’t notice any issues.

You can read more about the change in the Search Engine Journal. If you want to talk to us to conduct an audit on your website to determine if it will be affected, contact us at

Google will now let you ‘book’ directly from the results page

Google Book Now feature

Back in 2015, Google began testing the ability for searchers to book appointments using the local knowledge panel on a search results page. In the last month, the functionality has become available for everyone who is logged into a Google account and using Chrome.

It’s another effort to make user journeys quicker, more efficient and more mobile-friendly.

When you initially search for the brand, you get the prompt ‘check schedule’. If you click on this, it takes you to a maps page, letting you select a date, time and service.

Facebook launch cover videos

Facebook cover video screenshot

Have you visited our Facebook page recently? If so, you may have noticed something different about it – a little more movement perhaps?

Facebook has recently launched the ability to replace cover images with videos, with the aim of making business pages more engaging for the visitor and to provide richer experiences. We love this concept and plan to use the functionality to showcase our latest portfolios, campaigns, and people stories.

Facebook test using Instagram stories on the main app

Instagram photographs of food

Facebook is determined to have Stories featured on its app – it’s now testing the functionality with Instagram. It introduces a new option for photos and videos created with Instagram to be shared to Facebook directly from their app, as well as to Instagram Stories.

It will be interesting to see if this Stories functionality if made live, will stick – as previous attempts to add Stories to Facebook have not appealed to users. Watch this space!

John Lewis becomes the first UK retailer to use Facebook’s 360-degree adverts

John Lewis Facebook advertisingIt’s getting towards that time of year where all marketers start watching John Lewis keenly waiting for hints of their Christmas campaign. But, this week they popped up on our radar because they became the first retailer in the UK to start using 360 adverts on Facebook. Online shoppers are now able to view select goods from all angles before purchasing through a quick buy process. Speaking to The Drum, John Lewis’s Senior Manager for Social Marketing says:

“Facebook is such an important platform to reach customers and as Facebook’s research has found 51% of people say they’re excited that VR will play a part of their shopping experiences in the future.
This trial forms part of our strategy to offer our customers more inspiring experiences both in shops and online.”

If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of your brand or marketing, contact us at

The Family Business Conference – 19 October

The Family Business Conference – 19 October

Thursday 19 October marks Cumbria day for family businesses and what better way to celebrate than by attending the second annual Family Business Conference in Cumbria.

The conference is managed by Sue Coulson of The Family Business Network Ltd, a safe environment for family businesses to socialise, learn from each other, and access innovative additional support when needed. The network was founded in 2014 by Sue, via the Cumbria Growth Hub. Since then, the network has evolved to become its own company in June 2016 – supporting a wider location of not just Cumbria, but also Lancashire, Yorkshire and other surrounding areas.

This year marks the second annual conference, being held at the Halston Hotel in Carlisle, and we are delighted that Wrapped Agency are a partner in helping this conference reach as many family businesses as possible. The conference is also being ran in partnership with Armstrong Watson, who are currently celebrating 150 years of supporting, advising and protecting family businesses across Northern England. It plans to be bigger and better than the first conference, which was held in October 2016.

So, who will be there?

We are excited about this year’s line-up, which includes some household names and rising regional stars. One of the highlights will be a panel debate including Rebecca Falder from Manchester-based paint makers HMG Paints, who supply huge projects like Manchester library and Aardman Studios – who you might know from big films such as Wallace and Gromit!
The Next Generation panel session will also include Hawkshead Relish who hold 50 Great Taste Awards; Twoey, a manufacturer of educational toys based in Cumbria; and Wold Top Brewery from the Yorkshire Wolds.

We will also hear from Robinson’s Brewery as a headline speaker – who will be telling us how he has worked with heavy metal band Iron Maiden to create a series of new punchy ales. Some of our other speakers include Fred Story of Story Construction and Story Homes, Bells of Lazonby and Jonathan Lee who will be sharing a ground-breaking collaboration between the media, businesses and 10 chosen families who are willing to share their stories in print, film and on canvas.

Interested in coming?

If you are a business and this conference sounds right up your street – please do come along, meet everyone and pick up helpful tips and advice from other similar companies. Tickets are priced at £38 and this includes lunch. You can register for the event here.

Get in the mood for the event early, and keep up to date with announcements ahead of the day by following the event on social media through using the hashtag #fambizconf or liking the Facebook page.

Digitally Full Circle

Digitally Full Circle

15 years of learning from working for an agency to training an agency.

When I started out in web I did like every other developer back in the day with two words “Hello, World”. At that point something happened for me, It gave me a new way to be creative, a new language to learn.

15 years later and i’m continuing to learn. In fact i’m still learning new things each and every day from my work with Google – which is why it feels like an unbelievable situation for me that now i’m the trainer teaching the others at Wrapped.

My initial aim was to work in an agency, creating beautiful digital websites. I started as a web designer and then soon transitioned into a front end developer. I loved how you could take a design and bring a new dimension to it once it was a website, it almost felt like it came alive.

Then, unfortunately, I fell out of love with my craft. As the beautiful sites that I had spent hours working on, and initially praised for the work, began to have a negative connection as people were just not visiting them. This didn’t seem to both others but for me I couldn’t see the point. Why have we spent so much time creating this website if it isn’t being seen?

I discovered some abbreviations that 10 years ago meant little to me such as SEO, PPC, SEM, and SERP’s. A new obsession into these acronyms began and a few years later I evolved into a digital marketing expert.

At this point I started viewing websites in a whole different way than when I started – every single thing you do online should have a purpose. Why would you design and build a page that you didn’t actually have a use for? It was like a eureka moment for me – so much so that I left the employed world and founded my own agency. A digital agency that would do things differently.

Soon my agency became my new obsession and as with any new business, it consumed all of my time but in a relatively short period we managed to built it up into something I was proud of.

Then opportunity came knocking. I had been involved with Google for some time as a trainer and mentor as part of their Digital Garage Program but now I had the chance to become a Masterclass Trainer for the Google Digital Academy across Europe, a once in a lifetime chance that I couldn’t miss. So I needed to pass my baby onto someone else, someone who would treat it the way I had. And that’s where Wrapped came in. They agreed to take it on and approach digital in the same way focusing on purpose and results, which they called ‘Wrapped round’ and continues to go from strength to strength.

My work with Google’s Digital Academy now means that I have intensive training on the latest developments in the world of Google and the web, and I can then share that knowledge as I help train the team at Wrapped to ensure they can in turn get the best results for their clients.

15 years on and I think you can say that a desire to learn has taken me digitally full circle.



Like coding? Come and join the Wrapped team!

Like coding? Come and join the Wrapped team!

Wrapped is growing, and we are expanding our digital side of the business. We are looking to hire a Web Developer at our York office.
We are a tight-knit team of creatives and programmers, with a relaxed atmosphere but hard work ethic, to deliver the best results for our clients.
Extensive experience with HTML, CSS & PHP a must. Experience with Concrete5, WordPress and Magento preferred.
Do you think you have what it takes? Send your CV and cover letter to to get the ball rolling!