An introduction to 5 on the Farm festival

Raising the profile and perception of this exciting Channel 5 festival, to encourage ticket sales.

Hard-working, omnichannel creative

Working with the senior team at Viacom CBS and Channel 5, we developed a creative route to launch the inaugural 5 on the Farm festival, in Yorkshire. We tied our creative back to a digital marketing strategy, which identified the most appropriate audiences to target, before rolling out our findings to produce a website, ongoing social media content, advertising collateral and search engine marketing.

Creative satisfaction

Our visual work for 5 on the Farm needed to satisfy the requirements of Channel 5’s own brand guidelines, whilst differentiating the festival as a breath of fresh air to the public. Working closely with senior stakeholders at Channel 5, we pushed the boundaries, explored different routes and made sure that our work appealed to the lifestyles of our identified target audiences, whilst retaining fundamental Channel 5 elements. The key to success was in the execution of creative across channels, in multiple formats and made bespoke to each target audience.

Engagement is key

We needed to shift the dial on the public’s perception of this new event. We knew that our targeted messages and researchdriven creative required support from a wide-reaching engagement strategy; so we delivered social engagement, not only from the 5 on the Farm properties, but through finding appropriate social influenceers, fans and groups, before talking to them authentically about the topics that matter to them the most.

The upshot of this activity was an incremental social following, further engagement on our proactive posts and increased traffic to the website and ticket booking portal.