A new brand architecture for Dataspire’s success

Dataspire is the leading UK solutions provider for school ICT. Upon meeting the Dataspire team, we were struck at their genuine care, commitment and willingness to help their clients. This set the tone for all of the work we rolled out for them. 

We planned out Dataspire’s brand strategy in close consultation with the board of directors, aligning this with their business goals, under a coherent brand architecture.

Facts, Insights & Understanding

We compiled extensive research, including a close look at behavioural changes during 2020, speaking to teachers, business directors and education specialists. Our insights unearthed the current barriers and frustrations to adopting progressive ICT infrastructure, along with the needs of different school stakeholders when it comes to appointing a managed services provider. To do this, we needed to understand and speak in their language.

Workshops & Strategies

We held a brand architecture workshop, to simplify Dataspire’s proposition. To achieve this, we reworked the business structure, including the hierarchy of their different services.

Our brand workshop saw us work on Dataspire’s purpose, proposition, vision and culture, to elaborate their brand promise. 

In our digital and user journey workshop, we drilled down into the profiles of Dataspire’s complex audiences. This allowed us to work out the correct way of speaking to each audience, at the correct touchpoints in their individual user journeys. 

These building blocks formed the basis of our strategy for the business.

Creative Thinking

We worked to ensure that Dataspire’s multi-faceted offering was communicated succinctly, both visually and through the written word. We had to make our creative work capture a user’s attention and understanding within seconds of visiting Datapire’s website – and we could only do this having gained a thorough understanding of each component part.

Incorporating these into an eight-step visual, our design called out each core service at a glance, forming the basis of Dataspire’s new brand identity.  

Added Value

Added value enables a business to win work without the hard sale. It’s a premise of our own approach at Wrapped and we strongly felt that Dataspire would benefit from a similar way of working. 

For Dataspire, offering next level support and advice is a given, but we felt that this could be packaged up into something brilliant. We have called this their Knowledge Hub.

Creative Roll-Out & Delivery

The new visual identity has been delivered across the entire business, including the new website, digital marketing and social media assets, printed and online assets and a brand toolkit.

The brand blueprint and brand guidelines formalise the above; the blueprint detailing the very DNA of the business and guidelines laying out the creative application of our work.

Website & Digital Collateral

The website’s primary role is to deliver high quality digital leads into the business, whilst faithfully conveying Dataspire’s brand proposition and identity. As a business, we believe Dataspire is “unique” in the real sense of the word, so the website aims to reflect this.