New internal communication initiative for The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Flourish is a new initiative and vital platform for internal communications. Alongside the CEO and Senior Directors, we are working to support staff to liberate their full potential, improve their mental and physical wellbeing, and ultimately, improve outcomes for patients in the long-term.

The Flourish Programme was designed by Dame Jackie Daniel and is being evolved for Newcastle hospitals.

Facts | Insight | Understanding

Researching and understanding behavioural trends of healthcare organisations,to build an understanding of what matters to the 17,000 staff members and the best ways of reaching them through key messaging. Doing this gave us the foundation from which we could build this programme.

Workshops & Adaptive Thinking

Being part of the Flourish workshops, listening and understanding the audience’s needs enabled us to design a programme that engages in an emotionally intelligent way.We are working with an AI and technology partner to further understand behaviour,so we can continually improve and adapt our programme.

During the workshop, we identified the three programme areas to focus on as being workforce, recognition, and behaviour & values.

Intelligently Creative

Creating the visual identity and concept ideas, we ensured that everything was designed with emotion-led awareness and audience feedback in mind.

Working collaboratively with senior management and the audiences throughout this stage; we finalised concepts and creative copy that drove engagement and motivated positive behavioural changes. We tested the concepts on the audiences, receiving incredibly positive feedback – far better than we ever could have imagined.

Creative Roll-out & Delivery

We set about rolling out the creative across all platforms including; a website, e-news, social media, digital marketing, toolkits, printed assets and merchandise – pushing the programme out widely across the largest NHS Trust in England.

We ran seasonal campaigns on and offline, including a Christmas jumper day charity campaign – creating ‘selfie jumpers’ to enable everyone, including clinical teams, to take part in the Christmas jumper competition.

Interactive Media & Website

We built a website for the Flourish programme, including landing pages for communicating any relevant information to all employees. Due to the success, it is now being used as an internal communications hub which we are developing further.

As part of the campaign, a series of e-newsletters were sent to all staff, announcing the next campaign, competitions and key messages. These are well received and have encouraged a huge rate of take-up from all teams.

Next Steps…

We continue to work with the Communications Director and senior team, creating an ongoing Flourish communications strategy that is aligned with the Trust’s five year strategy.

Addressing the need for: a well workforce, quality improvement, sustainability, behaviour and culture, leadership and development, and the importance of being valued and recognised, we are now developing the Flourish programme for the future.

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