Introduction to United Education

United Education specialises in experiential learning for the next generation; exploring outdoor education, leadership courses, international learning and summer courses. Through outdoor adventure, hands-on activities and socialising, learning is more fun, accessible and empowering for everyone.

Facts, Insights & Understanding

Behind the agile and emotionally resonant new branding for United Education lies substantial research to examine the sector, its audiences, their needs, their expectations and how we should reach them. Combining market analysis with keyword research and social listening, we set about plotting out the user journeys of each key target audience persona. This allowed us to identity which touchpoints they went through before making contact with United Education, during that experience and after having made a booking.

Rebranding & Repositioning United Education

United Education is a fast-growing exciting business that has big plans for the future. Our work created the opportunity to build brand equity by restructuring. 

Together we gained clarity, creating a simple brand architecture to include the sub brands; United Adventure Camps, United Academy of Sport, United Leadership, and United Global which allows us to target different audiences appropriately.

As the business continues to grow, its brand architecture is now well structured and methodically thought through to allow for future growth.

Creative Roll Out & Delivery

Website & Digital

Re-platforming United Education onto a new, responsive and user-friendly website has allowed us to ramp up lead generation activities. Designed with user experience (UX) in mind, the website allows visitors to get the information they need quickly and easily, prompting enquiries and bookings.


  • Recruited 14 new venues
  • Website visits increased by 156% and in two weeks
  • Ads gained 21,881 impressions