An introduction to William’s Den

William’s Den is a unique indoor and outdoor place space, created in the rolling Yorkshire Wolds. A day out at William’s Den enables families to play in a variety of stimulating environments, eat delicious, homemade food and shop in the store.

From the ground up

Our work with the owners of William’s Den saw us help them develop their creative expression of its concept – way before they had opened their doors to the public. From researching colour palettes to working on wayfinding with the architects behind the ingeniously sustainable premises, our work informed the colours on the wall, the t-shirts that the team wears, much of the merchandise and the way that they communicate with their customers.


Our research and insights team conducted a large piece of work, examining the marketplace, competitors, buying trends, consumer behaviour, customer user journeys and ultimately, the best routes to market for William’s Den. This enabled us to develop a brand far less reliant on large, costly events to drive footfall, which we identified was a weak point for many comparable venues.

Brand Equity & Value

William’s Den is a business with a brand, which we have devised, developed and pushed to withstand the ups and downs of the marketplace. The brand is known, talked about and respected.

We have since developed complementary parts of the business, each with their own, standalone identities, which nevertheless sit coherently under the brand of William’s Den, including: The Kitchen Table (restaurant), Ice Cream, Pizza and Play.

The foundation work that we delivered has paid dividends when it comes to moving in an agile business way, most recently seen during the coronavirus pandemic, where William’s Den has continued to operate successfully with a food offering.

Creative roll-out

If you’ve seen it, we’ve done it! We work as an extension of Christian & Tor Carver’s team, so everything digital, out of home and printed is the product of our involvement. The best thing about working with the team at William’s Den is that we are always preparing our next step forward. This is a brand that doesn’t stand still.


The Willam’s Den website continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its audience. We have developed an online platform that enhances the overall experience of William’s Den, whilst acting successfully as a digital booking portal.

Campaigns & Digital Marketing

We continue to devise tactical digital marketing campaigns, tied back to audience personas, to ensure that William’s Den is not only busy at peak times, but during the weekdays as well. Our work has seen us help plan adaptive campaigns, which have spread the word about the brand’s food offering throughout the coronavirus pandemic.