What is Digitally Wrapped?

At Wrapped, we make the most of having creatives, digital specialists and strategists all under one roof, that is why we developed the Digitally Wrapped model. We believe that without every single Digitally Wrapped step, it’s impossible to create meaningful, results driven websites.

The 3 rules of Digital

Discovery Session

Our Digitally Wrapped always starts with a Discovery Session. It’s the most obviously important stage, but yet it’s so commonly missed. We can’t see what you see. We have no idea what your vision and thinking is – so we need to meet and have a couple of hours getting to know each other, understanding how we can help.

Exploring More

Audit: If we don’t know where you are now, then how can we know the best route to your destination? No matter how experienced we are, we can’t, and will never, work on assumptions. We have to know the facts. The next stage will always include a digital audit to ascertain these facts, if required we benchmark you against your search and market competitors. This always surprises everyone involved.

Workshops: Workshops are not all the same, and ours forms the basis of kickstarting the strategy, our working relationship and defining the nuts and bolts of how to achieve your end objectives. Every single workshop that we deliver is entirely individual and based around you. Brand workshops are also available.

Preparing Foundations

It’s impossible to build for any future without solid, strong foundations. Armed with all of the evidence and materials such as the user journeys, created collaboratively in the workshops – we devise a comprehensive strategy that consists of a website technical specification, sitemap, content strategy, keyword recommendations, and final user journeys to set a clear pathway to success.


Creatively Digital

Encouraging Creativity

Anything less than exceptional is not an option.

Unlike other agencies; we have true creatives and brand strategists under the same roof. We work collaboratively across our digital and design teams to ensure that your branding is simply exciting. The emotional attachment that a design has is often under-valued, but we give it the care and attention that it deserves.

Making it Matter

Never underestimate the power of words.

Even if you don’t want to use our full copywriting service, we will always provide key headlines for your website and SEO copy checks, as we understand the vital importance that your wording has on your online performance.

Honest Relationships

With a true partnership, anything is possible.

Having a good relationship is absolutely key to getting the best outcome possible. We need to have open, clear communication and respect between us. Everything we do is built on great relationships.

Putting it into Action

Time to Build

Unfortunately, this is where most agencies will start a website project – leaving us dismayed. Armed with all of the other information that we have, our programmers and developers know exactly what they are doing, what the design and goals of the website will be, the content priorities and goals to be tracked.

Staying Visible

Sadly, it’s hard to believe that the technical migration of websites does not happen as standard across a lot of agencies – but with us it does. We take this vital part extremely seriously, ensuring you don’t lose any of the hard work or history behind your current site.


Testing: Every website that is built has to be vigorously tested by both yourselves and us. We always allow at least 2 weeks for full cross-browser and device testing to iron out any snags or queries.

Soft launch: We recommend a two week soft launch for every website. This means that the site is live, but we don’t actively promote it. You may pick and choose some clients to test and try it out for you, and we take learnings from this stage to make sure you are happy and ready for the big Ta-Dah.

The big launch: This is the part we all look forward to, pushing and promoting your spanking new website.

Always Be Found

Now we are live, it’s time to get learning. We are constantly analysing and evolving our digital marketing which works across all relevant platforms for your audiences. We include three months of digital promotion as standard. The results then speak for themselves.