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The importance of creating a detailed content plan

26 Feb 2019 | Wrapped York Offices



The importance of creating a detailed content plan

Creating a content plan is essential to ensuring your marketing is strategic, timely and relevant. During this workshop, we cover the importance of creating a successful content plan, and the platforms that this is relevant for.


The Growth of Video Marketing

With 76% of marketers getting results from video marketing. Live streams, video interviews, vlogs, video adverts, and product demonstrations should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Find out more about how to get results from video.


Understanding Your Customer Journey

This workshop will describe the methodology of understanding the journey your audiences make before converting on your website. We will describe what touchpoints are, and the importance of enhancing user experience on your website.


Can Snapchat be Used in Marketing?

In this session we talk about the social media platforms available for targeting the younger audience, including some of the fastest growing social apps such as Snapchat and TikTok.


Defining Your Brand Promise

During this event you will hear from our MD, Kate Eady on how to understand your business objectives and values,  translating these into your Brand Promise.


How Instagram Can Help Your Business

This workshop will explore the fastest growing social media network in the UK – Instagram. How can you use the platform for business, and how does it differ to other social platforms?


Keywords and Meta-Data for Search

During this event, hear about the importance of understanding keywords, and the basics of meta-data to help your business build its search presence.


Using Twitter For Business

Hear about how to get the most from Twitter for your business, using Tweetchats, Twitter Ads, Twitter Lists and engaging content.


Understanding Google Analytics

Find out how to use the Google Analytics platform to analyse your online marketing performance and prove ROI of your digital campaigns.


Getting the Most From Your Website

Taking on a website project is not an easy task, but this event covers the key aspects that you need to consider for your website, and how to get the most from your online platform.


Marketing in 2019 – and Looking Ahead to 2020

Hear from our full digital and design teams on what they have learnt from marketing in 2019, the new trends that have appeared and their predictions for 2020.

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