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We pride ourselves on being Educators. We run regular free workshops for our clients, in our Technical Tuesday series, held at our studio in York. Find out what we have coming up.


14 Jun 2022

Google Ads 101: What’s new, what’s possible and what’s amazing

Where: online over zoom

When: 14th of June at 12.00 midday

This is for you if: You’re a Google Ads novice or you’ve got a basic understanding but are worried you might be a bit rusty.

You’ll come away with: A good grip of how Google Ads works, plus bags of inspiration for what it could do for your business or organisation. This introduction/refresher will set you off and running, bringing you up to speed on the latest features and how things have changed recently.

5 Jul 2022

Data with heart: Humanising profiling for meaningful brand connections 

Where: online over zoom

When: 5th of July

This is for you if: You’re keen to get under your audiences’ skin and understand what makes them tick.

You’ll come away with: A fresh take on how data and research can help build deeper, more meaningful connections with your audiences. As programmatic targeting improves, demographic profiling is increasingly outdated and unhelpful. Instead, craft your digital campaigns around behaviours and motivators – what people want and need. Here’s how.

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