Creating Resilience Despite Disruption – Full Series

16 Jun 2020

A seven-part interactive webinar series, aimed at business owners and marketing managers interested in learning and understanding the principles and fundamentals of an effective digital marketing strategy.

As digital leaders and educators, we are offering our knowledge and advice to help brands create resilience, re-imagine themselves and better their business as we continue through this new reality.

Join us for a seven part series that will take you on a step-by-step journey through the Wrapped principles of digital marketing, carried out on a live client. You will learn what we do, how we do it and why we do it through interactive webinars, live Q&A sessions, and open discussions with our leadership team.

Each workshop will take you through our approach and methodology, whilst providing practical guidance to implement and execute an effective digital marketing strategy. We will have specialists on hand throughout to answer your questions live, plus a chance to discuss anything with our directors following the workshop.

Each webinar will run for approximately 45 minutes.

Limited spaces are available.

Over the course of seven webinars, we will cover:

1. Identifying and understanding the changing needs of your target audience

Tuesday 9th June 2020 – 10:00am

  • How to collect data to inform your decisions
  • How to identify your key target audience groups
  • Ways to profile and create personas for your audience
  • Understanding the needs of your audience

2. It’s all about your customer’s journey

Tuesday 23rd June 2020 – 10:00am

  • How to create the customer journey for all of your audiences
  • Understanding the touch points for your business
  • How to identify opportunities to target your customers

3. The power of keyword research

Tuesday 7th July 2020 – 10:00am

  • What is keyword research and why it is important?
  • Creating a keyword targeting strategy
  • How to optimise your website and choose which keywords to use

4. Getting to grips with how Google works

Tuesday 21st July 2020 – 10:00am

  • A beginner’s guide to understanding Google
  • What the technical jargon really means
  • How you can use Google to inform your marketing decisions

5. How to reach your audiences successfully

Tuesday 4th August 2020 – 10:00am

  • How to put your research into practice
  • Understanding landing pages and how they help
  • The need for a Google Knowledge card

6. Tools to target your customers

Tuesday 18th August 2020 – 10:00am

  • Free tools to understand your user data
  • Getting started with Google Analytics
  • How to use Google Search Console

7. Driving traffic with paid search

Tuesday 1st September 2020 – 10:00am

  • What Google Ads are and how they work
  • How to set up, manage and maintain a Google Ads campaign
  • Monitoring and measuring success

About the Directors

Kate Eady

In business for over 27 years, Kate is a designer by trade, fascinated by the power of branding, motivated by agile business development and passionate about continuous learning. CEO of Wrapped, Kate formed the agency to combine extraordinary talent under one roof and positively influence client businesses in terms of brand and marketing, change and – ultimately – growth. Kate supports clients with business development, including determining goals and brand proposition, and has recently started collaborating with tech and AI companies to explore behaviour in relation to the effectiveness of branding.

Becky Matheson-Bruce

Becky is an industry expert in delivering first-class digital marketing strategies to brands through search engine optimisation (SEO), paid social and pay per click (PPC). As one of the first ever Google trainers in Leeds, Becky has an impressive track record of improving online presence for brands across a wide range of industries. Today, Becky heads up the Digital Marketing and Strategy department at Wrapped, leading the team with her intelligence, knowledge and skills to deliver forward-thinking and results-driven solutions.

Giovanni Di Cosmo

Giovanni is a digital marketer by trade, with over 10 years of experience running search engine marketing, content marketing and affiliate marketing campaigns. In his role as Head of Client Services at Wrapped, Giovanni is responsible for leading the team to deliver the business strategies we devise and agree with our clients to position, market and grow their businesses.

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