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We aren’t just a creative agency. Yes, we are creative, but that’s a given. We spend time creating emotionally resonant concepts that are aligned with your strategy and objectives, whilst making sure you are different, relevant and engaging.

Often the ‘wild card’ option, Wrapped are risk takers, and we know that to be successful brands also need to be courageous and bold. We are honest and build long-standing relationships with our clients so that you trust us when embarking on this adventure.

It’s vital that this creative stage follows our strategy, research and insights: without this knowledge and understanding, creative becomes meaningless. Meaningless content is in abundance out there… don’t let that be you.



Now we begin sharing ideas and concepts for your campaigns, brand, digital platforms and content. Our creative work will ensure your strategy and brand are front of mind throughout every word, typeface, design and platform. Everything has meaning; everything has impact.

Our brand strategists works alongside our designers and creative copywriters to produce ideas that will take your breath away. We explore straplines, brand messaging and visuals, all of which will add value to your brand.



Everything we create has purpose and an audience in mind. What emotion do we want the audience to feel towards your brand at this touchpoint in their journey? We ask this question at every stage, to ensure that we are guiding customers through the buying process, or communicating your brand values clearly to employees through content for an internal communications campaign. Whatever the purpose, it needs to be at the very forefront of the creative process.



Your assets could look amazing, but without meaningful words and engaging content, they simply won’t generate results. We have skilled creative copywriters, photographers and videographers, who take the concepts and deliver meaningful content that engages, entertains and (most importantly) converts.



Using the strategy and concepts, we roll-out and deliver your brand identity and creative campaigns consistently across all touchpoints on and offline.

From tiny, animated adverts at the bottom of your screen, to large scale scaffolding wraps – our designs engage and deliver.


Now, it’s time to Deliver Results

Once we have the strategy and the creative assets, we begin to deliver results and continually gather data to learn and evolve with your audiences. When it comes to delivery, our approach is one of continual optimisation; learning from how things perform order to deliver great ROI based on ongoing tweaks and improvements.

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