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Without strategy, delivery is impossible.

Everyone needs the same vision; agreement on the objectives, the journey and what success looks like. We never conduct anything without a defined, agreed strategy – and everything we do is based on evidence.

It’s why we are different. We dig into your business and industry, we listen and absorb your world, we plan and collaboratively develop a plan of action that is tactical – but then WE DELIVER IT. Our strategists work side by side with the specialists in design, brand, digital marketing and content creation, so we know it will work when we action it.



Working in true partnership with you, we take the time to understand you and your business. Through business consultation and a brand workshop, we discuss your brand values and ethos, defining and researching your proposition and promise. This enables us to develop your brand promise and create a brand blueprint – a model to build on whilst redefining your business.

Before any workshop, our specialists and strategists research and dig into your industry, audiences, the outside world and your place within it. We will always come fully prepared.



Working with AI-driven behavioural technology, we delve into understanding your customers’
attitudes and purchasing behaviour, exploring how they make decisions and identifying influential trends. We investigate the user experience of your online platforms, benchmarking you against your competitors. At this point, we conduct an audit, which details this research and the marketing trends that we have identified. We join this up with the market research to fully understand your audience’s requirements, emotions and thought processes.



In order to create a strategy that works for the long-term, we need to work with you to understand your business goals and objectives for the future, so that your brand and digital marketing are aligned. Armed with the evidence gathered from our detailed research, and the decisions made within our brand workshop with you, we set achievable, courageous and measurable goals collaboratively with senior management and key stakeholders. We can then work collaboratively with you and your senior team to reflect the plans we make together in your brand structure and business structure.

We are bold; we tell the truth; we challenge. Everything about Wrapped is honest and open: we feel that this is incredibly important.



Taking the evidence and objectives, we build a strategy identifying your target audiences, persona profiles, key messages and priority touchpoints.

In order to succeed, we need to define success. We work with you to set measurable goals and objectives; constantly evaluating performance to ensure that we adapt and evolve campaigns and delivery to continually deliver the best ROI possible.


Creative Thinkers, Delivering Beautiful Results

Once we have gathered all the evidence, insights and devised a detailed and measurable strategy, we can proceed to the next stage – CREATIVE.

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