Learning and sharing knowledge is inherent in what we do every single day at Wrapped.

To share knowledge amongst creatives, communicators, and marketeers at all stages of their career, our GenW, TuesdayWrap and Wrapped Up Close sessions are free and open to all. They deliver relevant information, enable discussion and debate whilst sparking curiosity and building courage. As continual learners and teachers, we challenge ourselves to always be in the know.

We also deliver bespoke one-to-one and group training around topics such as digital marketing, social media, content creation, content management systems and email marketing.

Wrapped Knowledge



A place for young talent to learn & share

Sharing your career journey


Tuesday Wrap

Technical knowledge to keep you ahead

Lunch time technical learning


Wrapped Up Close

Creative conversations to learn & inspire

Lunch time brand & marketing help


Wrapped Training

Digital & creative bespoke training

Individual training for clients


Wrapped & Partners

For businesses ready for change

Combined industry experience for businesses