These free, interactive, 45-minute virtual sessions provide a supportive learning environment for young creatives starting out in their careers. Wrapped are helping creatives progress in their careers and ultimately shape the industry.

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5 Aug 2021

Twenty creative resources to help you through your twenty-somethings

Thursday 5th August 10.00am

It’s all well and good turning to apps, books, blogs and vlogs when learning something new, but with so many to search through, how do you know which ones will help you develop the skills you need?  

In this Gen W session, aimed at students, graduates and entry-level beginners, we’ll show you the best creative resources to take your skills to the next level. 

Our creative team will be sharing their best advice and resources to help you stay connected, creative, inspired and curious in your chosen career path. 

What will we cover?

  •     Where to look for inspiration and ideas when you’re feeling a little less creative 
  •     The day-to-day tools that will help excel your creative career
  •     Industry and professionally used tools, tips and tricks
  •     An opportunity to ask any questions through a group discussion and Q&As at the end

Who is this workshop for? 

  •       Entry-level creatives and marketers looking to upgrade their development skills 
  •       Design graduates looking to gain skills to get into the creative industry
23 Sep 2021

Social made simple: Building a social presence

Thursday 26th August, 10.00am

Always wanted to learn how to write the perfect Instagram bio or hone your hashtag skills? In this GenW event, aimed at graduates and marketing beginners, we’ll show you the fundamentals of using social media for business and how to gain a presence on platforms in the right way. 

Get social savvy and set up your game by joining Katie /& Maria in this workshop to learn how to optimise social media profiles for success. 

What will we cover?

  •     Deciding which social media platforms are right for you 
  •     Setting your goals and creating a plan 
  •     Optimising your social media accounts
  •     Practical tips to help your social media presence shine
  •     An opportunity to ask any questions through a group discussion and Q&As at the end

Who is this workshop for? 

  •       Entry-level marketers and marketing graduates looking to gain more out of using social media for business 
  •       Those looking for a career change into the digital marketing or social media industry

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