These free, interactive, 45-minute virtual sessions provide a supportive learning environment for young creatives starting out in their careers. Wrapped are helping creatives progress in their careers and ultimately shape the industry.

Join a community where you can have a fun, safe space to share your thoughts, dreams and motivations for your career in the creative industry and any concerns or questions that you may have.

It’s a place to learn, share and socialise with others in the same career journey.

There are currently no upcoming events scheduled, please check back later.

Wrapped Knowledge



A place for young talent to learn & share

Sharing your career journey


Tuesday Wrap

Technical knowledge to keep you ahead

Lunch time technical learning


Wrapped Up Close

Creative conversations to learn & inspire

Lunch time brand & marketing help


Wrapped Training

Digital & creative bespoke training

Individual training for clients


Wrapped & Partners

For businesses ready for change

Combined industry experience for businesses