Wrapped & Partners

Kate Eady and Becky Matheson-Bruce are joining forces with Wrapped Partners, Irwin Mitchell, Barry Singleton and Simon Preece. Together they form a collaborative team with a combined 100 year experience in Business Consultation, Brand Understanding, Intellectual Property, Creating International Businesses, Gaining new Business and Digital Marketing.

These are free two-hour collaborative workshops created specifically for your objectives, helping your business get ready for change.

These collaborations are for business owners and senior decision-makers who want to grow their business by tapping into shared knowledge.


Ready for Change?

If you are ready to elevate your business, get in touch with us. Just register your interest and we will get the ball rolling.

What is Wrapped and Partners?

  • A two hour exploratory session, identifying the drivers, processes and strategy behind preparing your business for the next step. Brave businesses succeed, and they need to be ready for change – so this session draws experience and knowledge from Kate at Wrapped, Irwin Mitchell, Brand Strategist Simon Preece and Scaled Insights to give you the toolkit to understand how to make this next step. 
  • The session is aimed at Owners, CEO’s and Senior Decision Makers who are looking to progress their business and get insights into how to evolve. 

How to apply

  • We would love to hear from you. These sessions are in demand and we select businesses who are likely to benefit from the content delivered in the session, rather than allocating places on a first come first served basis. We need to ensure everyone in the session is properly benefitting and sharing their experiences. If you would like to be considered for a free place, please contact us with a short description of where your business is currently at, and your plans for the future.

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