Bootham School

Bootham School wanted to strengthen the reputation of the school and go back to the values of Quakerism.

We looked at the ethics and culture and how we could portray this through the branding. To achieve this objective, we wanted to create an emotional journey for the user to help create loyalty towards the school.

This journey included developing a new website, updating their logos, and creating a suite of illustrations.


Working collaboratively with Bootham School, we analysed their current website to determine what was working and what could be improved, we developed a new website and branding that pushed the schools core values and served the relevant content for each of their target audiences.

Understanding which values and key messages were most important to Bootham meant we were able to completely tailor the website around their ethos.

We designed an easy-to-use homepage, showcasing each school section and key message clearly.


With over 82,500 website visits in the 12 months after the project, the objective of driving more traffic to the website was a huge success.

Feedback from staff, parents and stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive and Bootham have since recommended Wrapped to several other businesses.

Bootham School continue to work closely with Wrapped on their overall marketing and regular design work.

Who was involved: Kate, Amanda, James, Rob, Emily, Martin J

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