Changing the Image of Retirement Living

As a Rangeford retirement home in Pickering, North Yorkshire, Mickle Hill provides retirement living with a difference: state of the art flats and bungalows in a community that provides care and wellbeing packages and facilities to ensure that no-one has to feel lonely or isolated whilst living in a retirement home. Our work with Mickle Hill has positioned them with buyers looking for a retirement move who didn’t realise that this proposition even existed.

Our Process with Mickle Hill

Working closely with the senior team at Rangeford, we conducted a series of brand positioning and digital marketing workshops to identify the needs, concerns and lifestyle choices of the target audience.

Using this information, we understood that audiences were looking for reassurance, trustworthiness, and excitement. We built a strong, strategic brand, which was rolled out into a suite of online and offline materials, with a focus on storytelling; bringing the community and relationship to the forefront of Mickle Hill.

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