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Pushing boundaries and challenging our clients is what we do best. We are working with Hunters estate agents, helping them to become bolder and more energetic with their marketing campaigns. The new visuals, straplines, adverts, photography and animations have been shared with over 200 franchises across the UK.


In January 2019 we began to roll out the new visuals for Hunters, starting with colours that are more recognisable from the previous campaigns to softly introduce the new look and feel. We introduced unique illustrations, bright photography and stand-out colours to make Hunters USPs and messaging stand out in a very noisy industry.

Straplines were bolder, using sharp ‘to the point’ copy which makes the key messages punchier and more memorable.


We created a full animation, narrating the key messages in a playful and engaging story, with three additional animations providing social media clips promoting specific products.

The campaign designs have been rolled out onto online and offline advertising and marketing assets, including digital advertising GIFs, social media clips, advertising flyers and posters.


Since the campaigns launched in January, Hunters have seen a 59% increase in seller contact, and visitors to the website have increased by 27%. The main objective was to promote valuation appointments, which have increased by 40%.

The campaigns have been incredibly well received by franchises across the UK, with customers saying they have contacted Hunters because of the recent leaflet drops.

Who was involved?

Kate Eady, Ed Storey, Emily O’Brien, Conor Hastings, Henry McGregor

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