Parkers Branded

Working closely with the owners, we soon realised to achieve their goals we needed to immerse ourselves in their world. We looked at positioning Parkers within the marketplace and highlighting their unique offering, making sure we kept the user journey at the forefront of everything we did.

Parkers gave us creative freedom with designs and illustration, resulting in a vibrant new website and inventive images which display their products.


Using the audit findings and learnings from the brand and digital workshops, we understood Parkers’ full proposition and could then define their user profiles and journeys.

We understood that their offering differed to that of their competitors, so we needed to show this in a unique way, making Parkers different.

Our bright and engaging brand designs were then implemented on a huge range of promotional items alongside the new website, to push how different and innovative their products and imagination could be.




The first month of our PPC campaign for Parkers saw us achieve over 1 million display advert views.

In that time, we also achieved 13 high-quality leads with the whole PPC campaign achieving a conversion rate of 3.17%, which is above industry average.

We continue to work with Parkers to develop their brand and digital strategy.

Who was involved: Kate, James, Emily, Becky, Johnny, Conor, Ed, Amanda, Martin J

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