A creative content marketing agency

Creating great quality content is the key to having a successful website and branding campaign. You have 3 seconds to capture attention, so having great, relevant copy that creates an impact is essential. You need images that inspire and video that draws in the viewer.

Wrapped are about working with you to improve your business through fact-based strategic creativity. It’s about being engaging, meaningful and relevant.

Doing the right thing is fundamental to what we are doing at Wrapped.

Copywriting services

Our copywriters at Wrapped are incredibly skilled in creating content and copy that gets results. We can portray your key messages to target audiences, clearly providing the relevant information that they need to covert; or writing creative copy to grab attention and inspire curiosity.

We have experience in writing for a variety of sectors, including: health, social care, finance, insurance, education, children’s activities, and compliance.

If we don’t know your industry in depth – we take the time to get to know you, your business and your industry in detail so that we know the copy that we are creating is accurate and powerful.

Videography & Photography

Video Marketing

Video content is the most engaging type of content online, with over 87% of online marketers using video to portray their messages to customers. 45% of people watch over 45 minutes of video content a week on Facebook and YouTube.

Having great video content is a must-have for your website and digital marketing. Our in-house videographer and scriptwriters work closely with you to create the perfect video for your campaign.


Great photography is so important for a professional website and offline marketing materials.

People can smell stock photo’s a mile off, and it’s always awkward when you spot your hero image being used elsewhere on the internet!

Photography is a huge part of your brand identity, it helps to create an impression – so make sure that impression is a good one.

Digital Communications

Social Media

Communicating with your audiences means being on the right platform, speaking in the right tone of voice and using content that evokes emotion and drives results. We work with you to create engaging social content and paid social campaigns that help meet your objectives.

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Email Marketing

Email communication is still one of the most successful ways of marketing your products and services, and maintaining relationships with existing clients. We can create templates that draw attention, copy that inspires action, and landing pages that drive results.

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Unfortunately, creative pitches aren’t sustainable for business, so we choose our pitches carefully. If it’s a project that really excites us, and we genuinely feel that we can help deliver amazing results, then we will.

Discovery Sessions

Relationships form the basis of everything that we do, so we feel it’s incredibly important that both us and you invest the time in a completely free Discovery Session for a couple of hours to dig into your objectives, clarify a detailed brief and find out more about each other. It’s how we begin every project journey.


We completely understand that a ball-park cost is often required for you to plan budgets and decide whether you would like to meet us. However, we do require a Discovery Session before we provide any confirmed pricing for a project, as this is the stage where we ensure our proposal fits your exact objectives.

Want to know more?

If you would like to hear how we can help you create content that works for your brand, get in touch with our team.