Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is vital to help build awareness of your brand online. Make sure you are present for your audiences search queries through using search engine optimisation and paid digital advertising.

Wrapped are about working with you to improve your business through research, strategy and creativity. It’s about being meaningful, relevant and engaging.

SEO Services in York and Leeds

All of our digital services begin with a discovery session, letting us get to know your business, audiences and objectives in detail. We take this information and begin to conduct an SEO audit to discover your online possibilities – what opportunities are available for your company online, how can you reach your audiences, what are they currently searching for, and how is your website currently performing – are there weak spots on your current website which are impacting on your conversions?

We take this data to form an ongoing SEO and digital marketing strategy, which will include all of the services that your business requires. This can cover: copywriting, technical enhancements on your website, linkbuilding and digital PR, mobile optimisation, landing page creation and much more.

We regularly monitor your online performance to ensure that is gets the visibility it needs through search results pages, feeding back any recommendations on how to improve. We pride ourselves in building an honest and trusting relationship with you, working closely so that you are always aware of how we are achieving results for you.

Find out more about digitally wrapped – which includes all of our digital services.

PPC specialists

Similar to our SEO package, our PPC service begins with a discovery session and PPC audit to understand your online landscape in detail.

During this research period, we will discover if any other work is required in order to gain the best results possible from a PPC campaign – this can include additional copywriting, or specific landing pages being built.

To get the best return on your Google PPC campaigns, a website needs to have a good quality score through Google, so we will always work with you to improve these scores – which will positively impact on how much you are spending on your PPC campaigns in the long-run.

During the audit phase, we will uncover the best platforms to be reaching your audiences through PPC. This is not just Google, but will also highlight Bing, social media or display advertising as other options.

Following the audit, our specialists will create a search marketing strategy which can include a combination of search, display, remarketing, video advertising (e.g. pre-roll adverts on YouTube), and Google Shopping.

We have expertise in all areas, so will target your campaigns in the areas that will get you the best results possible.


Unfortunately, creative pitches aren’t sustainable for business, so we choose our pitches carefully. If it’s a project that really excites us, and we genuinely feel that we can help deliver amazing results, then we will.

Discovery Sessions

Relationships form the basis of everything that we do, so we feel it’s incredibly important that both us and you invest the time in a completely free Discovery Session for a couple of hours to dig into your objectives, clarify a detailed brief and find out more about each other. It’s how we begin every project journey.


We completely understand that a ball-park cost is often required for you to plan budgets and decide whether you would like to meet us. However, we do require a Discovery Session before we provide any confirmed pricing for a project, as this is the stage where we ensure our proposal fits your exact objectives.

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