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83% of the adult population in the UK are using some form of social media. No matter who your customers are, they will be active on at least one social platform. With our help, you can start reaching wider audiences with engaging and relevant content to drive traffic and awareness.

Wrapped are about working with you to improve your business through strategy, research and creativity. It’s about being meaningful, relevant and engaging.

Doing the right thing is fundamental to what we are doing at Wrapped.

What is social media marketing?

Creating a social media strategy that gets results is a time-consuming project. Social never sleeps, and it’s always evolving. We keep up to date with the latest trends and updates across all platforms.

It’s about posting regular content that captures the imagination and makes you stand out amongst the noise of your competitors.

It’s listening to what your customers are saying and reacting in real-time.

It’s keeping up to date with what people are saying about your industry, making sure you are leading the news and showing you are ahead of your competitors.

The importance of a social media strategy

A common misconception about social media is that it’s all about the number of followers or impressions that your social content receives. This simply isn’t true. It’s all about engagement.

Is your content doing the job it has set out to do? We take time to understand your goals from social media.

Is it about brand awareness, customer service, becoming a reliable source of information, or generating sales?

The way you approach social and measure its success, completely depends on the purpose of it.

As part of the #GetWrapped process, social media is just one piece of the puzzle, we work with our SEO, PPC strategists to create campaigns that drive success.

Our social media services

We can help with a range of social media services. Based in York and Leeds, we work with clients managing their full social strategy and content creation.

We also provide training and workshops on social media to assist in-house teams with their ongoing management.

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