Workshops & Training

We pride ourselves in being educators. Knowledge is power.

Wrapped are about building working relationships with you to improve your business through strategy, research and creativity. It’s about being meaningful, relevant and engaging.

Doing the right thing is fundamental to what we are doing at Wrapped.

Workshops to help you achieve results

We believe that to get the best results from your brand, digital or strategy project – we need to take the time to get to understand your business, audiences and objectives in great detail. That’s why both our Get Wrapped and Digitally Wrapped models include at least half a day of workshops that are written specifically for you and your business. With at least two members of our strategy team involved in each workshop module, you come away knowing so much more about your audiences and business opportunities than you came in with.

Unlike other digital agencies, our workshops take the time to really understand your business, values, culture, proposition and brand before we start tackling the ‘how’. Without knowing these vital fundamentals, it’s all guesswork – and we could be working towards different end goals through irrelevant concepts.

A lot of work goes into our workshops, including hours of research, inspiration and discussion. We don’t have templated activities that we use for every client off the shelf. We only include tasks that make sense for your objectives and proposition, having had a free Discovery Session prior to the workshop to identify exactly what you require from the day.

Available Workshop Modules

Business Objectives

Put simply, we don’t do just ‘marketing’. We get to grips with your business in detail, making sure all marketing, digital and design activity has solid meaning, evidence and delivers on your investment.

Our clients find our approach invaluable. We challenge, question and probe to coach you and you team into thinking differently about your business, your services and your audiences.

Team included: Kate – Brand Strategist, Emily – Creative Content & Copywriting

Brand Proposition

Why did you start your business? What are your two, three, five-year goals and where do you picture your business taking you in the long-term? These big questions help us really get into the fine detail of what makes your business, but also yourselves tick. We challenge, pushing you to think differently about your objectives and get the most out of how we can help you.

Every client that we have done a Brand Proposition workshop for has come out enlightened and motivated.


Team included: Kate – Brand Strategist, Solveig – Brand Strategy & Insights, Emily – Creative Content & Copywriting


Before any branding workshop, we really spend a lot of time with the Wrapped Imaginarium – researching your industry, your audiences, what makes them tick, how can you be different? We never come to a workshop empty-handed, and hopefully what we show you will excite, inspire and get conversions started.

Team included: Kate – Brand Strategist, Ed – Creative Ops Director


This is what most agencies call a workshop. But before we get to this part, we’ve done a full Discovery Session, a detailed audit and spent serious time internally really getting to know your business, audiences, proposition – the WHY and WHAT SUCCESS ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE before we can even begin to consider the HOW, WHO and WHEN.

Team included: Becky – Digital Marketing & Strategy Director, Martin – Research & Insights

Digital Marketing

This session works so well with the website session, but they can be done separately if you already have a brilliant website that you just want to get the most out of. What makes us different, is that we have specialsits for every aspect of digital marketing, and they get involved in our workshops – covering social, content, search and email.

Team included: Becky – Digital Marketing & Strategy Director, Martin – Research & Insights, Solveig – Brand Strategy & Insights


This session sits very nicely with any of the above workshops, and covers more detail around your key messages, content hierarchy, content types, calls to action and methodology for driving the best results possible simply through the power of words and outstanding content.

Team included: Emily – Director of Communications, Emily – Creative Content & Copywriting, Henry – Social Media

Training Packages

Wrapped Educates - regular free training on digital, brand and strategy

To create a great brand or content takes great courage. You must trust in what you and your team are saying. Don’t follow the safe path. Be bold. Be yourself.

But, to have courage, you first need the knowledge and understanding of what you are trying to achieve.

To ensure we help each and every client achieve the very best that they can do, we belief that it’s our responsibility to keep you updated and educated in everything that we offer. That’s why every month we hold a Technical Tuesday workshop for anyone who wants to learn more about the power of brand and digital, and the difference they can make.

Coming soon, we will also be running free Wisdom Wednesday events, which will provide a free platform for you to book one to one sessions with our specialists for a quick overview of a topic of your choice.


Bespoke training on digital and brand

If you would like to learn more about digital marketing, search marketing, SEO, PPC, content
creation, blogging, social media, branding or design – we can help.

Our team are able to provide tailored training sessions on a one to one basis, or for groups of up to 6 people. We write the sessions with your business and the attendees in mind, so no training session is ever the same. They range from a 1 hour session to a full day. We can deliver the session at our own office in Escrick, York; or at your offices.

If you are interested in a training session, please contact us to find out more.


Unfortunately, creative pitches aren’t sustainable for business, so we choose our pitches carefully. If it’s a project that really excites us, and we genuinely feel that we can help deliver amazing results, then we will.

Discovery Sessions

Relationships form the basis of everything that we do, so we feel it’s incredibly important that both us and you invest the time in a completely free Discovery Session for a couple of hours to dig into your objectives, clarify a detailed brief and find out more about each other. It’s how we begin every project journey.


We completely understand that a ball-park cost is often required for you to plan budgets and decide whether you would like to meet us. However, we do require a Discovery Session before we provide any confirmed pricing for a project, as this is the stage where we ensure our proposal fits your exact objectives.

Want to know more?

We love what we do. If you would like to talk to us about your brand, contact us at [email protected] to have a chat with our friendly team about your requirements.